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We offer destruction services – also known as a “Rage Room” or an “Anger Room.” or a “Break Room” People visit The Anger Room to have relaxation, de-stress, and smash things! A perfect place where you can break plates, Wine bottles, Beer/Liquor/cups, and other ceramics.


plp rage for one $30 ( inner chaos package)

One Person

Time: 20 minutes

Items: 18 items

(Beer/Liquor/Wine Bottles, plates, cups, and other ceramics.)

PLP Double Rage $60 ( Friends That Rage Together)

Two People

Time: 20 Minutes

Items: 36 items 

Beer/Liquor/Wine Bottles, plates, cups, and other ceramics.)

plp Rage for 3 to 4 $120 ( Group Therapy Rage )

Four People

Time: 20 Minutes ( Two People allowed in the room at a time. Each Pair gets 10 Mins)

Items: 72 Items

 Beer/Liquor/Wine Bottles, plates, cups, and other ceramics.)

plp work place rage $160 ( I hate my job) By APPOINTMENT ONLY!

Up to Two People.

Time: 20 mins

items 40 

Beer/Liquor/Wine Bottles, plates, cups, other ceramics  and 2 electronics.)

plp Group Rage: Cost is Per Person

For Team Building:

This is by appointment only. If party is larger than 8 people, 2 rooms will be dedicated for your Raging experience. Over 9 to 16 raggers, all 3 rooms will be dedicated to your group rage session. Friends that Rage together find Balance together.

Set your PLP Rage Appointment up Today and Find Your Balance!

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Personal & Small Groups

 Set your PLP Rage Appointment up Today and Find Your Balance!


Typical rage room
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Recommend for groups of 8 or more. Max party of 16 people. (You will not be raging all at the same time and will be divided into smaller groups). Base on group size and time requested for your purging experience.

Team posing in rage room
Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parites
Birthday Parties
Anniversaries Parties
Girls Night Out
Divorce Parties
Office Parties

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