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Purge Love and Peace Rage Rooms can  also customize special requests for our clients. For example, if a guest hates their job and wants to release some steam, they can replicate an office setting inside the rage room and let the guest play out a destructive fantasy.  We can customize to whatever it is that is irritating, frustrating or weighing you down that you need to get off your chest.  If you want to set up any special request call us for booking and prices.  Below you can find our regular bookings that are available now.

  • Place was awesome. Guy at the front was helpful and got us all set up very quickly. Great way to destress and break some stuff!

    USMC . Avatar
    USMC .

    Went there to truly de stress. Let me tell you, this place is amazing. The owner was fabulous. She treated us like family and explained everything to us. As for the breaking of things, AWESOME! This experience was a blast. We went to help a coworker de stress from some personal things and this was great therapy! In would recommend this place over any other rage room for sure!

    Sean Wurm Avatar
    Sean Wurm

    Super simple setup for a really fun time, place looks great, I felt safe with the gear, and smashing was killer. Really cool guy even through me a discount for a toilet + 2 sledgehammers. We turned it into dust haha, I recommend this place highly!

    Wade McManus Avatar
    Wade McManus
  • This was seriously the best hour of my life. The people and owners there are amazing and made sure we got every ounce of frustration out in here lol. Recommending this spot to anyone and everyone

    zach ked Avatar
    zach ked

    Place was awesome.
    The guy there was very welcoming! Me and my wife had a blast and received a movie ticket for booking a double. We got to smash things to our favorite songs and it was a blast. Highly recommend!

    Josh Murawsk Avatar
    Josh Murawsk

    Jabber was super nice and helpful! I also loved the art on the walls.

    Sophia Daugherty Avatar
    Sophia Daugherty
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