About Us


Purge love and Peace Rage Rooms was born in 2018 out of desperate need for balance. I found myself overwhelmed with the pressures of unrealistic expectations.  Life was coming at me with a vengeance! My emotional exhaustion was the very catalyst to creating a productive and memorable experience for anyone needing a break from the status quo – from proper etiquette- From the BS of life. I didn’t want to process my stress polity. I wanted to Smash things.

Our goal at Purge Love and Peace Rage Rooms  is to create unique opportunities for people to leave expectations, ideals and stress at the door. We provide everything you need, in a themed and safe space, to unleash your inner beast. We’ll even clean it up! Purge Love and Peace Rage Rooms is located historic downtown Chandler, Arizona, nestled among noteworthy restaurants, bars and San Marcos Resort. We invite you into our space. Make a mess. Leave in peace.



Cheaper Than Therapy


Purge Love and Peace Rage Rooms maybe therapeutic for some people that have to deal with the daily life of stress. They maybe be able to reduce anger management for both men and women.  This is  a fun activity for healthy individuals.  Once you come in  you will see unicorn, and across the room are the words “hate,” “taxes,” and “hell” spray-painted on the wall. The ugly words purposefully contrast with the mystical unicorn. This is all meant to symbolize the yin-yang duality that encompasses daily life.

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